Drives & Systems is about VFD’s, PLC’s and industrial automation. The aim is to share practical information with the industrial automation community. Much of what will be documented here is  related to problems solved or tips and tricks in the automation and controls field.

My experience revolves around PLC programming, usually  in CODESYS based environments and designing control systems ( usually with drives) for various equipment manufacturers. Thankfully, my work as an application engineer at Schneider Electric continues to present a technically diverse set of encounters in the automation field . When possible, problems solved, interesting discoveries and questions encountered are documented here on weekends and nights. 

Over the last 6 years, I’ve built PLC programs and control routines for small one-off systems  to larger multi-million dollar projects. An observation across these projects is that having the right information and information sources  early in a project reduces stress and time constraints. The hope here is to document some of those information encounters for the public domain ( and for my own future reference)

If you have a question or a topic request, I can be reached at: avidlearner2[at]gmail.com.  Alternately, you can connect with me on LinkedIn 

Wishing you the best,  Siva K